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In just a short amount of time Kristian quickly assisted in the record growth of 3 nationally recognized bars and restaurants within the Bar Management Group company. His positive attitude rarely wavers. His creative ideas are above all others’. And everything he associates himself with becomes more productive and a better place. There are few that understand all of the ins and outs of the hospitality industry as well as Kristian Castro. I HIGHLY recommend Kristian Castro and look forward to the time when I can closely work with him again.
— Chuck Belden, Entrepreneur

Working with Kristian on re-organizing our goals and outlining the system, helped us save
a lot. Very accountable, focused and organized. He is someone who cares about our business like his own. I recommend working with Kristian will be amazing and a game changer, as it was for us.
— Leslie Woods , Raleigh Raw

I have spoken with Kristian Castro a few times about starting the business and I can tell you his knowledge and information to me has been invaluable. He explained business to me and made it so I can understand and relate. He gave me step by step directions where I should begin and what to do next. He explained how to come up with prices for products. He had an answer for any and all questions I had. Above all, Kristian has the most positive, upbeat and motivating personality. He really gets you enthusiastic about what you’re doing. Overall, his help to me is greatly appreciated and I apply the business knowledge he bestowed on me daily.
— Emily Johannes, Cake Pops by Emi LLC
Immediately upon bringing Kristian on, he hit the pavement leaving no stone unturned. He discovered that our COGS were out of control... a problem so severe, it should have taken us out of business had it not been masked by our above average sales figures. He helped us bring COGS from 49% to 35% saving us $7,000-$8000 in monthly expenses! We are in slow season now and those reduced COGS are the only reason we are making it through.
— Sherif Fouad , Rayleigh Raw Founder
Kristian Castro is one of the most honest, sincere, and hard-working individuals I’ve ever met. His company, his brand, and his integrity align in perfect harmony. I’m a jazz artist, and after Kristian saw a few of my shows, he took it upon himself to assist me in making my music business more efficient. After a few sessions helping me organize and think through my workload as an independent artist, I felt so much more confident in both my organization and my efficiency. I now operate a much leaner, cleaner, and efficient machine and don’t really know how I operated before Kristian’s help!
— Mark G Meadows