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Kristian Castro, Founder

From being a corporate trainer for a regional hospitality chain to a Professor in Higher Ed, Kristian Castro has been serving others for over 15 years. The common thread being management, business and above all, people. Kristian's personal mission, "make a positive impact and provide value for each person he comes in contact with", provides the framework for everything he does in business.

Published in the Journal of Product and Brand Management for his work in relationship marketing, Kristian has led multiple workshops in business, time management, marketing and branding.

In his free time, Kristian is a travel enthusiast and loves to learn about different cultures, creating a unique perspective on both hospitality and life. His love of travel is only exceeded by his love for sports.,

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            OUR VISION

"Provide certified training programs to educate our future leaders in hospitality. We want to be the education source for hospitality training."



"We have hospitality experience - over 15 years along with five years of Professorship experience in higher education."



Owners of bars, restaurants, nightclubs. Typically those who are about to open a unit, or are in their growth stage with multiple units. Their workforce is growing and they need training to support and standardize growth.




262 comes from an idea born at the intersection of higher education, hospitality management and a bucket list item. In 2013, Kristian Castro left his General Manager post at the Horse You Came In On Saloon to begin the next chapter of his life as an adjunct professor of Business Management and Marketing. He discovered a passion for teaching and an ability to leverage his experiences in hospitality to deliver lessons in a unique and effective manner.

While this newfound passion was burning strong, there was still a flicker of flame still lingering, fueled by trusted people in his circle tied to the hospitality industry. Oftentimes, they would seek Kristian's counsel regarding the same principles lessons taught in his classroom.

A glaring need became apparent to Kristian that many owners' team members could stand to benefit from lessons taught in the classroom as most managers are not traditionally trained through schooling for hospitality management, but rather by moving through the ranks by tenure and performance. The issue was that owners don't have the time to support this growth due to the overwhelming demands of their position in the business.

Kristian decided to start a management training company designed to build curriculums that provide training and coaching for hospitality managers, and allow owners to focus on where their time is best served, protecting the vision.

When thinking about what to call this company, there was no doubt that it needed to resonate with not only Kristian, but with the owners his company would work with and strike a chord with their position in the business.

Throughout the process it became apparent the correlation between the journey of entrepreneurship and the first bucket list item Kristian had achieved, running a marathon. The likelihood of success in hospitality is as challenging as is the likelihood of completing a marathon. And that which it takes to complete a marathon is not far from what it takes to be successful in business. You need an unwavering drive and determination, tremendous mental fortitude to withstand the hurdles that will undoubtedly appear in your path, and a single-minded commitment and dedication to the process.

26.2 miles is the distance of a marathon. The number holds a special meaning in the company and by naming the company 262, it allows us to always remember that this journey is a marathon not a sprint and if we stay committed to the goal, we can succeed. So, our partners can think of us as their training partner throughout their growth. We do not take this responsibility lightly and are humbled by the opportunity to be apart of that journey whether it be for only leg of the race or the entire marathon.


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